Student meals are available for purchase online in student registration. Login to your existing student registration and select "miscellaneous" on the side menu. Student meals will be available Wednesday lunch, Thursday dinner, and Friday and Saturday of the tournament for lunch and dinner. No light judge meals will be served on Wednesday for the Parli tournament, only snacks. Parents, staff and judges should plan to bring lunch and dinner on Wednesday or purchase lunch. Notice that there is no “meal time” on the schedule. Plan on eating when you’re not competing during the scheduled mealtimes. If you are bringing your own meals please bring ready-made meals. There will not be refrigeration or heating options available. Please do not bring crockpots. Student meal orders will close on April 7th at 9pm. Please register and pay for meals by that date.

Wednesday: Lunch only $12
Thurs - Sat Lunches & Dinners: $8 - $10 per meal
Thurs - Sat Meal package: $40 per student/parent

We will not be providing disposable water bottles at this tournament
Instead, in an effort to control waste, we are encouraging all students and parents to bring reusable water bottles.

Judge/parent meals: Light meals and snacks will be provided for community judges, staff and parent judges while filling out their ballots Thursday thru Saturday of the tournament. Parents and siblings may also purchase student meals during registration and plan to pick up their meal in the student room during the scheduled times should they desire to do so. No light meals will be served at all on Wednesday for Parli. Plan to bring or purchase lunch.