Script submission helps to ensure adherence to the speech event rules throughout the season and serves to honor God through integrity. Additionally, this benefits you, the competitor, should you be invited to NITOC, as these are the exact same procedures that will be required.

Please note that we will be strictly following the script submission requirements for this tournament. All scripts must be approved on or before Sunday, April 7th. Scripts not in compliance by this date will be dropped from the event with no refund, so be sure to submit your script early to allow time to make any changes! Drop fees apply. A $20 drop fee will apply to any dropped events after the close of registration.

Please submit your script and script submission form by Friday, March 29th at 10:00 pm. You will receive a confirmation when your script is officially accepted. A $20 late script fee will be accessed for any scripts submitted after the deadline.

Any script submitted after the March 29th deadline will be subject to a $20 late script fee.

If you have any questions or concerns about preparing for your script submission, please speak with your coach or club director.

Submission Deadlines

All scripts must be reviewed prior to the tournament within the given deadline.

Script submission opens: At time of registration
Regular Script Submission Deadline: Friday, March 19th @ 10:00 PM PST
Script Submission Corrections Deadline: Friday, April 5th @ 10:00 PM PST
Script Submission Drop Date: Sunday, April 7th @ 10:00PM PST

Competitors who are entered in the following events must submit scripts for approval:

Interpretive Speeches: Dramatic, Duo, Humorous, Open
Platform Speeches: Expository, Original Oratory, Persuasive
Wild Card Speech: Interp in a Box

Electronic Script Submissions:

Students must submit scripts in advance. Scripts must be in pdf format. (When saving your script, simply choose pdf format). If you have any questions or concerns about preparing for your script submission, please speak with your coach or club director.

Submit All Scripts HERE


Complete the correct Stoa form for your event and submit it with your script. Here are links to the Stoa website for the required forms:

Dramatic Interp and Humorous Interp Script Forms:

Open Interpretation Form:

Duo Interpretation form:

Platform Script Forms:

Oratory Analysis Script Forms:

For platform speeches, check Easybib to help you prepare your source page. Make sure your name and the title of your speech appears on every page of your script.

Please check the Stoa website for the current script submission requirements pertaining to your event. Your script must be turned in before you can compete.

Note: If your script was approved for Northern Lights Challenge or Wild Turkey Tourney with no necessary corrections AND you have made no changes (seriously, NO CHANGES), you can forward that email to Pre-approved scripts from Northern Lights Challenge or WWT will count in the early script submission contest if forwarded by the deadline.

Prepared Speech Scripts: Please bring a copy of your script! It is required for you to be able to produce a script if there is any judging question. This is in addition to mandatory script submission.