Help Us Recruit Community Judges!

The more Community Judges at our tournament, the fairer and better the event! Community Judges are crucial as they contribute to ensuring a tournament runs on schedule, which we can all agree is very important! Significantly, as Community Judges do not know the majority of our student competitors, they are unbiased and facilitate fairer competition results! Additionally, the more Community Judges we have, the more likely parents are able to go watch your student(s).

Would you join us in our Community Judge recruiting effort? We have learned recruiting is most effective by speaking with people in person or calling them to ask. You can ask family, friends, neighbors, fellow church members, pastors and youth leaders, folks in your Mom's & Dad's businesses, teachers in your co-ops, tutors, music & dance teachers, sports coaches, anyone who has run for political office & anyone else you think of! Help us have an excellent tournament with many, many Community Judges!

Judge Recruitment Contest

We are offering CASH PRIZES for competitors that recruit the most judges. The award will be given to individuals for the highest number of judge slots filled at the end of the tournament that show up to fulfill their judge slots. The minimum requirement to compete is 10 judge slots. In order to win first place, you must fill a minimum of 15 judge slots. Parent and alumni judges are not counted as community judges.

First Place: $75
Second Place: $50

Remind judges to put your name as the judge recruiter when they register!

Keep track of your judges. Tell them to let you know when they register.

Parents are eligible or may help students. For best results use your family last name for your recruited judges.

The Judge Recruitment Contest starts immediately because Judge Registration is now open!